Miscarriage of Justice - American Political Prisoners in Whos Who Worldwide Secret Trial


If 70,000 CEO's, C.O.O.'s, Chairman of the Boards, and Presidents of the Fortune 3000
were individually AND repeatedly scammed, is the media likely to cover such a story?

Media blackouts                       -                     Whos Who Worldwide                     -                     Worst Attorneys

Reed Elsevier, largest global media conglomerate, enjoying
the greatest single influence on the legal/judicial community in America,  
responded poorly to losing in one marketplace of dozens in which they dominate,
setting out to crush the largest executive club ever created with the help of bent gov't officials

Thanks in large part to Martin Beigelman, possibly the most corrupt postal inspector in US history,
they succeeded, and 70,000 top executives lost their investment.    Not a whisper in the media.

If you ever doubted that our government, and media stars are for sale,


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